Saturday, January 9, 2010

December 2009 pictures

It has been awhile. I transferred to
I am not sure what I like better.
I added some recent pictures, December 2009.

Potty with Elmo


The Carousel right before our picture with Santa.

Making Christmas cookies!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Pictures

Poppy's summer started out with Carter's family in Richmond, Virginia and then a week at the beach in North Carolina. We had a great time and Poppy enjoyed Carter's family - she enjoyed the attention - all eyes on her at all the time.

Poppy found a chair to sit in on a day trip to Willminton, N.C., I don't have any more beach pictures this computer more later.

We left N.C. on the June 30th and drove to Mt. on July 1st and 2nd. We missed the Livingston, Mt. 4th of July parade on the 2nd by 6 hours. It was my hope that we would get to Mt. in time for the parade. Oh well, we got to attend the rodeo on the 4th. It was really fun. We had a great time as well with my family.

My niece, Ivy Ann, got to stay an extra week and we had fun with her as well. Biking, boating, swimming, walking, talking, hanging out, ...

We also had Poppy's 2nd bday before everyone left. She is unofficially "2".

We will leave for home @ the 25th. Wow, I only have 4 weeks before I go back to school. I only waited 10 months for this wonderful summer. I am so thankful I have a good job with lots of time off.

Here are the pictures to match to summer fun, hopefully more fun to come.

Uncle Dan and Poppy with their hands in their pockets.

Livingston Rodeo on the 4th of July, fun times. Aunt Ivy, Ivy Ann, Aunt Kim, Poppy, Mom and Dad, Uncle Dan was indisposed.

Uncle Dan, Aunt Ivy and Ivy Ann got Poppy a cowgirl hat, she kept calling everyone a cowboy, no matter the gender. If they had a hat on they were a cowboy.

Poppy wearing Great Grandpa Roy's hat.

Ivy Ann and Poppy playing in Grandma's car.

Hanging out with my cousin, Ivy Ann.

Ivy Ann and Poppy in our kayak before the big float. It was so windy we could only float for about an hour. It was fun while it lasted. Poppy yells boat anytime one is on a car and makes sure she mentions riding in the boat with Ivy on the Lagoon, everytime we drive by. Very fun to see her connect people and places and with a lot of enthusiasm.

Some bday pictures - our camera had a strange film on it so I will put more up soon.
Great Aunt Carlene and Uncle Jack in the back ground.

Poppy and Dad riding her new tricycle, Mt. style.

Poppy and Grandma "Mancy".

We took my dad to Billings to see his side of the family, Ivy Ann, me, Poppy and Grandpa.

Carter did the 2nd leg of his Canada to Mexico ride this summer. Poppy and I picked him up in West Yellowstone and drove through the Yellowstone park to get home. Poppy and I saw a bear, with 100 other people on the drive to West Yellowstone. We saw Elk, in the back ground, Bison, another bear and Carter and I saw a moose on our drive to Mt.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Catching Up

Poppy and our neighbor Lydia sitting in the barbie jeep.

Poppy loves to run in the water and run out. She will yell, "Watch out Dad wave coming."

Hiding in the rocks at the beach.

Carter and Poppy are in a Parent Participation class once a week. They meet with other parents (ususally moms) and toddlers and play, have snack, sing songs, and talk about topics that parents of toddlers are interested in. They went to the barn at Cal Poly. The baby cows licked Poppy's hand.

Dad and Poppy sleeping.

Carter and Mark riding bikes

Blueberries and yogurt!

At Rincon beach with the Bancroft's and the Russell's.

April Bancroft

Julie, Caylyn and Poppy.

Caylyn and Poppy taking a bath. Poppy was afraid of the octopus.

Park - Carter and Poppy go to the park every Friday morning.

Another Park Day

Poppy and Dad at the park, she was wearing my hat.