Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Poppy visits the Santa Barbara Zoo

We went to Santa Barbara to go to a baby shower and visit our friends.
Poppy and I woke up early 6:30. We woke Kadin, Jordan and Seth up, so we decided to walk to the coffee place and get a bagel. I got a few compliments on how busy I must be with four kids.

We went to the zoo on Saturday. The kids really enjoyed looking at the animals and playing at the play ground.

Poppy and pink flamingos

Poppy saw the giraffe and the giraffe saw her.

April, Kadin and Seth at the giraffes.

All four kids were looking for the gibbons, maybe only three.

Poppy and Jordon walking at the zoo.

Poppy has gotten really good at holding hands when she walks out in public.

We saw the penguins from under the water. All the kids enjoyed watching the penguins from under water, the glass was thick with Poppy spit. Kadin liked it most when they pooped.

April is great. She pushed the stroller for 2 hours, kids in and out all around the zoo.

Poppy got a new tunnel to play in. She is really cute, of course!!! She likes to crawl through the two tunnels and give us her look.

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Friends

We have new neighbors, Allie 8 years old and Katie 10 years old. Allie loves Noodle and has made a friend for life - she has Noodle doing tricks for food all the time.
Allie is a very friendly little girl. She will get in Poppy's bus and sing "The Wheels on the Bus" to Poppy, read her a book, dance around and get Poppy to dance with her, let Noodle kiss her on the face... We went for a walk this after noon, Poppy, Noodle, Katie and Allie, the girls took turns walking Noodle. It has been fun watching Poppy watch them and then trying to interact with them.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

13 months

Poppy has been out and about, however we have not taken the camera with us. We have had wonderful weather the last few days, the beach is the only place to be. Today Poppy went straight for the water and soaked her dress, so she had her first nude beach experience. She stopped walking to the water twice to pee.

The sunset in Morro Bay. What a great evening!

The Rodgers at the beach.

Poppy got a bus! She loves to go in the bus and look out the windows.

She will go in and stand at the back window and yell out and giggle.

Poppy also got a fish tank, she has four fish.

Poppy and dad with diaper hats.

Carter cleaned up the back yard and made a cute little patio for Poppy. We leave the back door open, so Poppy can go in and out on her own. She likes to take her toys right to the fence and drop them on the other side.