Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Catching Up

Poppy and our neighbor Lydia sitting in the barbie jeep.

Poppy loves to run in the water and run out. She will yell, "Watch out Dad wave coming."

Hiding in the rocks at the beach.

Carter and Poppy are in a Parent Participation class once a week. They meet with other parents (ususally moms) and toddlers and play, have snack, sing songs, and talk about topics that parents of toddlers are interested in. They went to the barn at Cal Poly. The baby cows licked Poppy's hand.

Dad and Poppy sleeping.

Carter and Mark riding bikes

Blueberries and yogurt!

At Rincon beach with the Bancroft's and the Russell's.

April Bancroft

Julie, Caylyn and Poppy.

Caylyn and Poppy taking a bath. Poppy was afraid of the octopus.

Park - Carter and Poppy go to the park every Friday morning.

Another Park Day

Poppy and Dad at the park, she was wearing my hat.