Sunday, November 30, 2008


We went to Santa Rosa, Ca. to spend Thanksgiving with Aunt Kim, Uncle Dave, Papa, and Cousins Blaine and Andrea. It is so wonderful to be with family, there really is nothing like it. Poppy enjoyed running around Kim and Dave's house. She chased Bongo, their dog, watched the fish, talked to the bird and was intrigued by the three snakes.

Poppy was not sure what to think of Blaine and Andrea wrestling.

Aunt Kim gave Poppy a bath and got her ready for bed.

Cousin Andrea let Poppy sit on the counter and eat crackers.

Andrea was sharing her music with Poppy. Poppy had one side of the ear buds and would put it in her ear and sway with the music.

I am so thankful for my Aunts and Uncles. Carter and I have a bad habit of calling minutes to hours from our destination to let people know we are coming for a visit. We did this to my Aunt Dot and Uncle Larry on the Sat. after Thanksgiving. I am so glad they were home. They got to meet Poppy and she got to have her first tea party with Aunt Dot. We love you guys!!

Aunt Dot had all sorts of fun toys, Poppy liked the tea set spoon the best. She carried it around, ate some dirt with it, dug with it and ate some cooked carrots with it.

Uncle Lar making sure Poppy is safe. :>

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The wolf and other things

Poppy makes the cutest wolf sound.

Poppy is greased up for our potential sail across the bay for a picnic. Our neighbor girls found the red head band and put it on Poppy and she wore it proudly.

What a cutie!

Dad getting the boat ready.

Poppy found the picnic early. We ended up not sailing due to a rare occurance, no wind. We sat by the bay and had our picnic and enjoyed the beautiful day.

Different day same great weather. We were at the beach at 9:00am enjoying the sun, sand and surf.

Yeah the beach!

Poppy still eats sand.

She can drink out of a cup. She also likes to pour out her drink so we must be on our toes when she has a cup without a lid.

A girl and her dog.

I found my dad.

Poppy and dad on an adventure, they hiked Bishop peak in SLO>

Noodle is enjoying the rest. She does not get out much, poor dog.

Monday, November 10, 2008


We had a four day weekend and decided to go to Yosemite N.P.. It was a five hour drive and all was well until the last hour both ways. Poppy had had enough, we felt the same way, we just did not cry and scream about it.

We stopped to play in the leaves.

The hike to Mirror Lake. We rode our bikes to the trail head (we thought), looked over the map and started hiking. We were looking for a lake, we had fellow hikers walking going up and down the trail, so we just kept walking. 1.5 miles into our hike, we saw a sign that said Mirror Lake 1.5 miles behind us. The trail head, where we left our bikes, was the lake. The water level was down so it looks more like a stream. Poppy was a sleep in the trailer so we just wheeled it on the trail. We carried her up the boulder strewn hills, down the washed out asphalt and over a log. She woke up when we were with in sight of the lake, on our return. So she got a good nap, we had a nice walk to no where.
Carter and Poppy riding bikes.

On the trail.

This is Mirror Lake, below a granite slab.

Poppy enjoyed her walk by the lake.

Carter and Poppy with Yosemite falls almost in the back ground.

Playing hide and seek on the way to the waterfall.

At the foot of Yosemite falls.

We found a life size or so bear for Poppy. Every time she saw a bear she would say - roar - The gift shop was fun. She tried to crawl under this big bear until Carter picked her up and put her on top of him. She was hugging it and kissing it.

Half dome in the back ground.

This was a great trip. We missed the snow and rain, we had a heated tent cabin, Poppy learned two new words (waterfall, half-dome) and we met up with some friends from SLO - Trevor and Suz.

Poppy eating cheese and showing off her new bear, "roar"

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

Poppy got dressed up and went to the neighbors and the church that had a harvest celebration. She was really cute.

Katie, Poppy and Allie

Poppy in the bounce house.

Who me?

The wolf ate the chicken.

I don't want to go home!

We got a visit from my Aunt Carlene and Jack Moors from Oregon. They are snow birds and are on their way to Arizona. Poppy had a wonderful time reading and playing with her relatives.

Poppy brushing her teeth, cutie pie!!!!