Tuesday, June 17, 2008

North Carolina/Virginia

North Carolina:
We went to the white water training center in N.C., with Roxie and Marion. They were great tour guides.

We went to Lake Lure and did some swimming and picnicking.

We tried to lure the ducks in close, to get some good pictures.

Uncle Marion reading Poppy a book.


We were lucky enough to see all of Carter's Aunts and Uncles. They meet weekly at Arby's, what a great family. Carter's Aunts and Uncles - ages range from 75-95.

This is Poppy's Great-Uncle Bert, 90 years old.

From left to right Great-Uncle Bert, Great Aunt Dot, Carter is hugging Great Aunt Sister Dot, Next is Great Aunt Frankie.

Poppy is sitting with Grandpa and talking to Great-Aunt Frankie.

Great Uncle Robby is drinking, he is 95 with his girlfriend Kris and Grandpa F.C.

Poppy made a special visit to Great Aunt Helen's house, she could not wait to meet Helen.

Oak Island:

Our last evening at the beach. Carter's Family: Vina, F.C., Marion, Roxie, Evelyn, Susan, Poppy and Carter-Oak Island Summer 2008.

We rode in the convertibles to get some ice cream. We could not motivate anyone to sing karaoke, so we just watched people and enjoyed the ice cream.

Poppy got her first purse. She chose the purple sparkles over the pink one with a stuffed animal. She carried her purse all around the living room while she practiced walking.

Aunt Roxie feeding Poppy her favorite food, apple sauce.

Dad driving Poppy around Roxie and Marion's living room.

Poppy and Grandma Evelyn

Poppy, Grandma and Aunt Roxie

She is walking! Poppy is taking a few steps at a time. Watch the video!

We are in North Carolina at Oak Island. Aunt Roxy and Uncle Marion invited the family to spend a week at the beach with them. Poppy has had a lot of lovin'. Two Grandma's, One Grandpa, throw in an Aunt and Uncle and she is kissed, hugged, held and played with at all times. Poppy is a lucky girl!!!!

Waiting for Poppy's first plane ride.

Meeting Aunt Roxy and Grandma Evelyn at the airport in N.C.

Poppy with Uncle Marion and Peanut. Poppy loves Peanut, he is just her size.

Poppy loving her Grandma.

Grandpa feeding Poppy her dinner.

Grandma Vina taking Poppy for a walk.

Grandma and Auntie playing with Poppy. Poppy is ready for the beach.

Poppy's first real experience with the ocean. The Atlantic is in the lower 80's. The Pacific is in the high 50's.

We think Poppy looks like Yoda. Her little cover up is sunscreen, so I did not want to take it off. She stood and looked out at the ocean for awhile.

She found a shell and ate the sand off of it. She was fine standing until the water came up to her feet and she got off balance.

Grandma Vina spending quality time with Poppy.

The family out for a walk.

We took a bike ride, Poppy was in the ergo.

She was done after about 15 minutes.

Evelyn and Roxy enjoying the cool of the evening. Cool here is 80 degrees with a breeze. The humidity is something to get used to for sure. If the wind did not blow it would be super hard to go outside.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Carter is 45 Wow!!

Carter turned 45 on 06-07-08. He played dodgeball and other fun games at the gym with friends. We took Poppy to the gym and she scooted around in her walker. She went across the gym and would end up at the wall. It was her first time in such an open space, so fast - forward was all she knew. Very cute.

Carter 45, Susan 40 Poppy 10 months. What will 5 years bring????