Monday, March 30, 2009

Aunt Kim

Poppy loves her Aunt Kim. We skype a few times a week and anytime we get near the computer she yells "Aunt Kim".

We got to see Aunt Kim and Cousin Andrea March 20th for a few minutes/hours. I had a P.E. conference near Andrea's college so we lucked out with family time.

The ride to Santa Clara.

Aunt Kim got Poppy some color crayons, so they colored and jumped on the bed at the hotel room.

Poppy enjoyed watching cousin Annya aka Andrea and smiling at her and her friends.

Santa Cruz, Ca.

Check out Poppy singing Twinkle Twinkle on Youtube at the right.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Matt and Colleen

Our friends Matt and Colleen came to the Central Coast for a visit. We met them six years ago on the mountain where our cabin is/was. They still live on the mountain. We went to visit them last weekend, snow on the ground and 22 degrees last Saturday morning. Poppy loved Colleen. Every time she saw Colleen she would yell, Colleen. It is neat to see how much she remembers and the impression people are already making in her young life.

Poppy got to meet them about a month ago. We spent and evening walking the dogs on the beach. Colleen took some pictures of us and Poppy.

Pictures of Matt and no pictures Colleen, but pictures of all of Colleen's hard work.
Matt was the M.C. for the Health Conference.

Matt getting ready for an acupunture demo.

Pete, their son, on the iphone!

Colleen's coffee bar.

Breakfast and

Lunch was provide

The snow!

Our old Cabin with a new deck on the front.

Poppy at the beach in January or so...