Tuesday, July 29, 2008

She is "1"

The best video yet is of Poppy eating her cake, check out Poppy videos link.

This is a short video of Poppy eating her cake! Very Very CUTE!

Poopster's birthday party was held on July 5th, she is actually "ONE, 1" today.

Hmm, I have not seen anything like that before!

Grandma shared with Poppy what the white thing coming at her was for and that she was really going to like it.

Poppy started out slowly with just fingers.

She really got going and went face first over and over and over again.

She came up for air and had to breath through her mouth because her nose was full of frosting.

Noodle is waiting for something to drop.

We are a very happy and blessed family!

Our cousin Lance, his wife Lisa andIvy.

Grandma, Ivy and Poppy.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Visit to Montana, an early Bday celebration

Poppy's first parade. Livingston, Montana is the place to be the 2nd through the 4th of July. We went to the parade on the 2nd. Our big plans were to go to the rodeo on the 4th, however it was sold out. We watched Ivy light fire works on the sidewalk on the 4th.

Poppy and Cousin Ivy playing in the pool.

Poppy giving Ivy a kiss.

Poppy and Ivy playing in the hose.

Aunt Ivy kept Poppy on the go, chasing the ball, climbing stairs and playing with Noodle