Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Christmas

Christmas morning we all were gathered around to open presents. Poppy was overwhelmed with all the excitement. She would look at her present, toss it aside and play with the box.

Poppy checks out Uncle Marion and Grandma Vina's gifts.

Poppy and Grandpa F.C.

Grandma Evelyn

Poppy taking her new puppy for a walk.

It was so warm out, we played a round of Croquet. Poppy had fun taking peoples balls and moving them around the course.

Poppy and Aunt Roxy playing outside.

Poppy loves to slide, she can spot one from far far away. It has only been cold enough to wear a heavy jacket and a hat one day, so far. We wanted snow, snow, snow!

Poppy is working on her smiling when we take her picture.

Grandma Evelyn put some jewelry on Poppy and some make-up.

We flew to N.C. on December 19th. Poppy did great! We left Santa Barbara @9:30 am, stopped in L.A. for 2 hours, on to Cincinnati for 40 minutes and landed in Charlotte at 9:30 eastern time. She ran around in L.A. and slept for 2 1/2 hours on the flight. What a blessing. I was unsure if we could entertain her for 4 hours.

Poppy got her first Christmas present of 2008 from the Bancroft family. The hat is really cute. I am sure it will be in more pictures. :>

Poppy and Grandma Evelyn. They were watching the birds out the window.

Poppy and Aunt Roxy. Poppy has been enjoying the attention from family and all the hugs and kisses.

Poppy, Uncle Marion and Peanut. Poppy is not sure about her Uncle. :>

Poppy liked to sit in Uncle Marion's rocking chair.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bath time

I have neglected to add pictures as of late.

I am adding a video taken a week ago as Poppy was getting ready for her bath and a couple pictures of Poppy's new wagon.

Poppy loves to take a bath.

Carter traded our next door neighbor girl, who is 8, an electric piano for a wagon. He found the piano on the side of the road for free and she found the wagon on the side of the road for free. He re-did the wagon and it turned to be fit for a little queen. The wagon was a metal and full of rust. He took it apart, created a pink wooden wagon with sparkles.

We went to a retirement home and sang some Christmas songs with our home group. We out numbered the residents, all six residents liked the music and most of all loved seeing the kids.

Poppy playing on the playground at church.

We went for a walk near Cambria. Poppy is always excited to be down and walking/running everywhere.

Poppy giving Dad her flower.

Poppy has really been into Noodle lately. Any food she gets she will walk over and put it into Noodle's bowl to share. She will throw the ball for Noodle and watch to see if Noodle is feeling up to a game of fetch. Noodle is full of energy after she eats and will get the ball 3 times max. Poppy would be in heaven, if her doggy would retrieve the ball. Noodle is a labrador retriever, however we think her gene pool is so watered down that she in just a lab.