Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We were playing in the back yard. Poppy got a giraffe backpack and leash. She likes to wear the giraffe and hold the leash.

We played outside in the water and sand.

We went to Hearst Castle beach on MLK day. Great day for picture taking, however our camera ran out of batteries. Novice!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Peekaboo - Beach - New Years Hike

Carter was looking for Poppy in the back yard. She was hiding behind the bamboo.

We have had great weather, 75-80 degrees and not much wind. We went to the beach this morning. Carter and I played volleyball for awhile. Poppy played with her toys, ate sand, had snacks and splashed in the water. We went back to the beach at sunset for a bon-fire at the Cayucos pier. It was a warm evening and we enjoyed the fire with some friends. It was a fun day.

Poppy found the food bag.

Poppy got in the water and fell a couple times. She was surprised when she fell down in the water, possibly because the water is freezing cold. However she did not want to stop splashing and playing in the shallow water.
We let her run around without any clothes on, she came up behind me and was giving me hugs.

We went for a hike up Bishop peak in SLO New Years weekend. Carter carried Poppy. Noodle and I followed them up the trail.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

Potty- maybe one time only!

The conversation about potty training really started in N.C., with Uncle Marion. He said he was potty trained at one. He has a twin sister and a sister that is @ a year older. So his mom must have been done with diapers.


Carter and I have been talking about when to start potty training, what discipline looks like at this age, when to get rid of the pacifier.... I talked to Holly Rodgers and she said they put their daughter, Lily, on the potty seat before her bath each night at @ 18 months. So we went shopping today and bought a potty seat just to try it out.

When we got it home we put it in the living room. We talked potty and let her play with the seat for awhile. She would get close and back onto it. I took off her diaper and let her try it, no pee.

We tried again before her bath. She went pee. She wanted to go on it after her bath and pee'd again. We think it was a fluke, very crazy!

We did not take a picture of the pee, sorry for those who wanted to see the evidence.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

We did the Polar Bear Plunge in Cayucos on New Years Day. The water temperature was 54 degrees, air around 68 degrees with a mild wind.

It was the second annual for the Atkinson family. Last year Poppy did not get in the water, this year she dipped her toes, next year maybe her belly will get wet.

Carter was the first in, he lingered and submerged twice so I had to follow with the same or more. I did the same, not more - it was really cold.

Very fun atmosphere, everyone waiting around to freeze!

I was cold before we got in the water.

Poppy found a family that had lots of toys. So she played with the toys, hung out on their blanket and the mom played with Poppy as well. The little girl - Grace - is two and she had a hard time sharing with Poppy. Her mom would come over and make the little girl give Poppy the toy, and say "here you go - you can play with my toys." Carter drug Grace and Poppy around on the towel, they had a fun time.