Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Avila Valley Barn and saw animals, fed goats, felt pumkins, and tried to eat the pumpkins.

We had lunch at the park while Carter surfed.

Aunt Kim and Cousin Andrea came down for the weekend. We went for a picnic, it was really cold.

Carter bought Poppy a climbing harness, lucky girl!!!

Poppy's costume, provided by Lily Rodgers! Thanks

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Cousin Andrea came for a visit. Poppy loved watching everything Andrea did, she can say Andrea. Kind-of! Aunt Kim and Andrea are coming this weekend. Family is so fun!

Reading with Ann

We were talking to Kim on the computer, very cool stuff. It seems really sci-fi.

We have had great weather the past few days/weeks.
Poppy loves to play out back with her tunnels.

She got a fun water sprinkler DUCK from Aunt Roxy, Uncle Marion and Grandma Evelyn. Poppy likes to carry the duck around and hug it. There are more videos on link on the right.

Poppy also played in her sand box today.

Poppy and the girls get in the sand box.

Poppy has a wetsuit and likes to get in the water. We went to the beach last night and tonight. She is on the go the whole time we are at the beach, in the water, out of the water, eating sand, following Noodle around....

Poppy can now climb up into Papa's chair.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Camping -rain and shine

We went camping at Refugio this past weekend. The Rodgers booked the camp ground in April for this October. It does not rain in Ca. until January, however it rained the weekend we went camping. The Rodgers, Browns, Sus and Trevor and us, makes 8 adults and 6 kids.
Sus, Holly, Jess and Eli waiting out the rain under the easy-up.

Jess and Eli - rain rain go away.

The kids did not notice the rain, they were happy to be outside and playing in the dirt.

Carter on his wind surfer stand up paddle board, cost $15.00 vs. the cost of a paddle board - $800.00 over $1000.00. (good buy)

Poppy did a good job napping, not so well sleeping at night. She got up and slept with us both nights.

Dads and daughters.

Oliver and Poppy were having fun playing in and out of the tent. Poppy got her first kiss.

Poppy kissing the camera.

Reading books by the fire. Oliver, Poppy and Lilly waited patiently for breakfast and enjoyed looking at books.

Carter brought his slack line for all to try.

Zhaia doing her own slack line.

Brandon, Poppy, Carter and Zeke, watching Oliver swing.