Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Break / Easter

Poppy and Noodle standing by the big trees.

Cold and windy day on the N. California coast. The neat little town of Trinidad is behind Carter and Poppy. The town of Trinidad was another place we stopped on our honeymoon, great camp ground - Patrick's Point.

We planned a bike ride, however it was so cold we spent 5 minutes on the beach and got back in the car.

Camping on the Eel river.

Playing with sticks by the Eel river .

The redwoods was our Spring Break camping destination. We stopped at the Drive through tree. I have a video of the van attempting to drive through the tree. It looks like it would fit through the tree, however we aborted the mission early just in case.

We stopped at this tree on our honeymoon and 6 years ago with our friends Brian and Julie Russell.

Carter and Dave riding motorcyles - Kim let Carter ride her bike.

Easter Egg hunting in Santa Rosa. Poppy did not really understand why she was picking up the eggs. She filled her basket, opened the eggs and gave us the candy. What a girl.

Riding to the Easter Egg hunt.

Cat in the Hat and some other Dr. Suess character. Poppy calls the Cat in the Hat - "Ham", from the Green Eggs and Ham book.

Coloring Easter Eggs at Aunt Kim's house.

Monday, April 6, 2009

NCAA Hoops

Poppy loves to play ball. She takes after her Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Uncle Dan and Cousin Ivy. Everything is "play ball" - at the top of her voice.

She can kick a ball, throw a ball, and hit a ball with a wooden spoon. She would love it if Noodle would play ball with as much enthusiasm as she plays ball. Noodle is good for three to four fetches with a lot of coaxing to return the ball for another throw.

Grandpa and Poppy play ball - Poppy escorts Grandpa into the bedroom to play ball when he visits as well as shooting hoops.

Poppy recognizes hoops around the neighborhood, on T.V. (as we watch March Madness - men and women night after night), and at Momma's school. I have Poppy rooting for my team - she knows Duke is the team to beat - well almost. We are Carolina fans - when Duke looses in the tourney.

Poppy needs to keep the tradition alive - Grandpa and Mom played on a State Championship basketball teams and we both played College basketball. Poppy will get to choose for herself; sports or no sports. The interest she shows now is fun to share her joy with the round ball.

Shooting hoops with Grandpa.

Grandpa keeping Poppy safe.