Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More of the same - Poppy

Poppy got a crib. It seems huge.

Poppy has many hand made blankies thanks to her Great Aunts and Great Grandmas. The most recent blankie that has been added to her collection is a quilt from Great Grandma Ruby.

We went hiking at Pinnacles National Monument. It was cold in the morning, we had Poppy bundled up. Our friends, the Rodgers, have been very generous with hand me downs. Poppy has on a really snuggly fleece, mittens, a fluffy hat from Papa and her hood. She did really well. We hiked, had a snack, went into a cave, saw a resevoir, and rock climbers.

Poppy's top teeth are coming in, I tried to get a picture of the one just poking through her gum.

Being a parent is so wonderful. We love Poppy so much, obvious to me now as a parent. If I would have read this before we had Poppy I would not know the depths of this type of love, care, concern, and bond with another person. I don't believe we even imagined that the love we feel for her could be so over whelming/strong. Each day is filled with similar tasks and play time, nothing is more fun than to watch her go. I find that I can't wait for her to wake up (from naps) so we can play, read, smile at each other and try to get her to laugh. Based on the pictures we have posted you may think she does not smile. The camera is an enigma to her and she gets the same mugshot (blue steel) type look when we bring it out.

New tricks: eating her toes, trying to give the "raspberry", sleeping in her new bed, reaching for everything...
Working on tricks: smiling for the camera :>, getting her top teeth (bulging gums)

My mom left last week so Carter is now the true stay-at-home dad.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

First Hike

We planned on hiking near Big Sur, but it was so cold we had to turn back.