Friday, August 15, 2008

Last Trip of the Summer

How sad, the summer is over!!! What a great one summer we had. Two weeks with family in N.C. and Virginia. Four weeks in Montana with family and Carter's 10 day bike ride. We came back home to friends and one last trip.

Our last trip started in Temecula with our friends Marc, Christie, Carlie and Bailie Horton.

Marc and Carter were going to go for a ride at Hurkey Creek. However, Marc had two flat tires, so we hung out at the park and the girls ran through the sprinkler.

The girls napped in the car before we got to Hurkey Creek.

Fixing the second flat.

Optimistic about the ride.

Bailie (4) and Carlie (7)

Christie and Buster

Carter and Poppy

Bailie getting ready to jump.

Marc and Carlie

The hot tub me, Poppy, Christie and Marc. It was really not to hot in So. Ca..

I also got to visit my friend Lorraine/ We worked at Harmony Elementary school in Hemet. I have not seen her in 3 years, it was so nice to catch up. God is so gracious and incredibly loving.

Lorraine and Poppy

Jenny and Jon

Jenny and Jon were great. They played with Poppy inside and out. Inside: piano, stairs, dogs, fish, keys, front window, and a drum. Outside: Bubbles, balls and a lot of following her around as she explored their yard.

Friends are wonderful, thank God!!!

Ventura was our second stop. We visited Brian, Julie, Caleb and Caylyn Russell.
Caylyn - a happy baby.

Caleb - a silly fellow.

Poppy stealing food from Caylyn.

Caylyn on her way to get her food back.

Caylyn and Poppy-teething or just enjoying their fingers?

Who is over there?

Breakfast with the Bible Study Group

We had a Bible study breakfast. It was fun to get together with most of our group.

Poppy, Ava, and Everett playing, with Tina keeping everyone safe.

Oliver, Lily and Holly Rodgers. Holly and Luke Buchannan.

The guys took over the kitchen, Mark was the pancake chef. Eric, Randy and Aaron drinking some coffee.

Aiden, Silas and Ryan enjoying each others company and Ryan's fun toys.

Casey and Ava. Ava is two months younger than Poppy, she has great hair.

Randy and his son Everett. Robin looks to be interpreting.

Eric, Holly, Jim, Ava, Ellie and Carter.

Outside was good fun. Aiden, Holly, Jim, Silas and Everett enjoying the toys. The water guns did not last to long. :>

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


We are doing Mommy(Daddy) and Me swim classes with Poppy. We are having fun taking her in the water. She is learning to kick her legs on her tummy, float on her back(while we hold her), working on blowing bubbles (blow out instead of sucking in water) and we will go under water tomorrow.

Poppy and Dad

This is our class. Our friends Jess and Zeke, Holly and Oliver and Brandon and Lily were in the class also.

Dad and Poppy

Poppy was working on getting in the pool from the side.

Poppy was being passed back and for from the teacher to dad.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Check out the video of Poppy going down the slide (Poppy's videos)
Check out Poppy running as well (Poppy's videos)

Poppy went swimming for the first time.
We went to a friends pool with Sherry and Grant Canaday.
I wish I had pictures or video of this event. Poppy would stick her face in the water, would have walked right into the pool if I was not holding onto her and would walk by herself in the water.

We are starting swim classes next week. I am not sure what she will do, but being in the water will be important.

Poppy and Grant ready to go. Grant is almost 2

We are ready!

A day at the pool with Luke Buchanan, in the background.

More pictures from Montana

There is a longer and better video of Poppy eating cake on the Poppy videos link to the right, check it out.

It was sad to leave Montana the wonderful weather, my mom and summer vacation.

Poppy learned to point or to show that she is "1"?

Grandma and Aunt Ivy the day they left for Atlanta, Georgia.

The Gaustad's on their way home.

Poppy was riding in the laundry basket as Aunt Ivy and then Cousin Ivy helped out with the pushing and flying.

Poppy was ready for more, "hey what happened to all the fun."

Poppy and Grandma would look for the cat in the alley every day. The cat was never to be seen, however Poppy went to the window every time hoping to get a glimpse of the orange kitty.

Carter took us out to dinner for my dad's bday.

Poppy ate corn for the first time in Montana. She loved holding the corn and would open her mouth as wide as she could to get all the corn possible.

We went to story time at the Livingston library. It was for ages 1-3 years old. Poppy would walked around and look at people. She tried to make eye contact and saying hi, which is "eeee"

We went to visit my mom and dad's old friends, Ted and Virginia Carter. My dad played college basketball with Big Ted 6'7". Ted is the nicest guy ever.

My dad's sister came to visit Poppy. Great Aunt Barbara and Great Uncle Ernie from Billings, Mt.

We got to visit with Cousin Blaine and his wife Andrea and their three kids, Keaton, Hannah and Logan.

The last picture of the night. How do you know what you look like in the dark?
Me and Andrea Edwards

The kids had a fun time playing keep away and running around with Noodle.

Blaine and Keaton

Blaine, Keaton and Ivy

Grandma, Ivy, Andrea, Noodle, Hannah and Logan

Poppy played in the sprinkler. She liked sticking her finger in the hole and the water would shoot her in the face. It was really cold so it took her breath away every time she stood next to it.